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Review of the Paw Patrol Dino Patroller

Published October 18, 2020 in Dinosaur Toys - 0 Comments

The Paw Patrol Dino Patroller jumps straight from the animated children’s show right into playtime fun for kids. This motorized all-terrain toy will bring adventures to life. With its oversized wheels, it can easily move across the carpet and any other type of flooring.

It is also strong enough to be used for outdoor use. in addition, the toy has a lot of space so that it can hold all the pups that are in the show (except these are sold separately. The Dino Patroller has a projectile launcher and two projectiles that are included so the children kids can straight into rescue mode.

Chase, in his Dino Rescue uniform is also included in the purchase and he looks just like the one in the show, he also fits easily into the Patroller. You will also like the T-Rex figure.

Additional vehicles can be placed in the back of the vehicle and operating the toy is simple for little kids, in other words, just push a button and the Dino Patroller will move.

If you would like to buy straight away see below:

Amazon click HERE

3 Main Details Of The Dino Patroller.

First-Ever Motorized Paw Patrol Team Vehicle.

With a push of a button see it go. It has room for six pups and an area in the back for a T. Rex dino (included) together with a projectile launcher and oversized wheels.

When the dino calls for help, push the button and watch the Paw Patrol Team Vehicle roll to the rescue and launch the rescue nets.

Will Overcome Any Ground Conditions.

With the help of the Dino Patrollers vehicle oversized wheels, ground conditions are no problem. For instance, reach the dino in trouble in no time because the large treads will give you added grip so you can tackle any ground.

High Class Figures

Create your own rescue missions with the exclusive Chase figure who is wearing his Dino Rescue Uniform, together with the large scale T-Rex whose toy mouth and tail really move. Just move his tail and it makes his mouth open.

The Paw Patrol Dino Rescue Dino Patrol vehicle will make a great present for children aged three and over.

However. remember this toy has small parts so it is not suitable for those children under 3.

Get your Paw Patrol Dino Patroller from


Your purchase will include:

1 Dino Patroller

One Chase figure

A Dinosaur Figure

2 Projectiles

1 Instruction Guide

To activate the Patroller you will need 6 AA Duracell Batteries ,which are included

Comments By Some Customers

Birthday gift for my son. He loves it.

Awesome little toy. My 4 year old loves it.

Was a present for my 3 year old nephew-he loved it!

Big loud hit with little boys.

Although nearly 80% of the customers that sent reviews gave it 5 stars as with all manufactured goods remember there are always a few negative complaints.

Some said the product was too noisy and was a heavy toy for a four-year-old and there were a few comments about the quality of the nets and the launcher.


Anyone that likes Paw Patrol would love to have this as a present. So explode into action with the Paw Patrol Dino Patroller by rescuing those dinosaurs yelping for help. but before you leave don’t forget to put Chase and another pup ( buy here) and load a Dino Rescue Deluxe Vehicle (Amazon) in the back bay. Remember to load the projectiles into the lancer and you are all ready for a new adventure.

We enclose a few videos that we hope you will enjoy watching.

Last chance to purchase the Paw Patrol Dino Patroller from:


If you really like dinosaurs please take a look at these:

Jurassic Alpha Training Blue

Untamed T-Rex by Fingerling-Ironjaw

Boppi the Booty Shakin Llama

Published October 1, 2019 in Robotic Kits - 0 Comments

Last year’s toy craze was for unicorns. This year I think it will, maybe, be llamas. Why? Because Pets Alive have just produced their newest range of adorable robotic pet.

Meet Boppi the Booty Shakin Llama, she is very cute, see her picture below:

This attractive, fluffy llama will jump up and dance around with enthusiastic neck rolls and twerking shakes of her rear-end.

A side view of Boppi the Llama

Main Features of Boppi.

  • This booty shakin llama will get the whole family up and dancing for hours as there are three great songs to dance to. Apparently, she will also respond to songs on YouTube, though it does not say so on the box.
  • She’s funny, adorable and would make a great gift for someone.
  • As she is a dancing robot, her booty-shaking movement and head- spinning make her fun to dance with, Get moving!!
  • Boppi the Booty-Shakin Llama is one of Pet’s Alive newest range of robotic pets and she has numerous ways to plat and interact. She will become your best friend and capture your heart,

Potential Customers Questions and Answers.

  • Question: No matter how many times I press the button Boppi only dances for one song.
  • Answer: Boppi is adjusted to the “try me” mode that is set in the store. You have to take it out the box, switch it to the “on” mode or “normal”, which is located at the bottom of the toy,( There is a change mode button on the belly).
  • Question: What types of songs does it Play?
  • Answer: No radio songs-just some “Mexican” dance tunes.
  • Question: Does it come with batteries?
  • Answer: Details provided say that Boppi comes with 4 batteries (AA type), however one person said none were supplied and yet another said the 3AAA type was needed. Not sure which one is right!!
A side view of Boppi the LLama

Customer’s Opinion of Boppi The Llama.

Hilarious-great gift. As a parent, you will either love Boppi or hare her!

Adorable. So cute my family have played with it cause its good for dance parties. Songs and lots of moves,

So cute, makes everyone laugh when they see it- but be careful if you have pets. My dog thought it was HIS toy!!.

One customer said just two things-LOL and hilarious.

Love it but wish it had more songs, which was a thought echoed by others.

Absolutely adorable and very soft.

Front view of Boppi Booty Shakin Llama

Useful information.

17 customers rated it 4.3 out of 5-stars as follows:

70% 5-star

9% 4-star

21% 1 star This was on 1st October 2019.

Item weight 11.2 ounces.

Recommended for ages between 3-10 years.

Warning, choking hazard. As it has some small parts. it’s not suitable for children under three years.

Boppi works on batteries which should be included together with a manual.


This toy will capture your heart and become your best friend. Many of the people connected with the world of toys are saying that Zuru Pets Alive Boppi the Booty-Shaking Llama will probably become one of the most sought after toys of this Christmas period. Remember the three key features:

  • Realistic and cute coloring and features.
  • Head spinning motions and robotic booty shaking.
  • All done to three great songs.

Parents, you are going to have to be quick before Boppi flies off the shelves. But one now before the holiday season begins in earnest.

Just to give you a bit more information we attach three videos that we hope you enjoy.

The Most Borderline Inappriopiate Toy EVER!

Boppi the Dancing Llama Rodeo Dance Off.

Prima Lollopip Teaches Kate and Lilly Dances with Boppi.

If you are still interested in this toy there are a few other options, please see below:

Pets Alive zur Boppi the Booty-Shaking Llama (2 purple Boppi’s)

Pets Alive Boppi Booty Shaking Llama (with sticker-white).

Remember Pets Alive Boppi the Booty Shakin Llama by Zuru will be a great hit in 2019 so buy NOW to be sure of your gift.

Clevr 7ft Kids Trampoline

Published September 5, 2019 in Trampolines - 0 Comments

Welcome to my review of the Clevr 7ft Kids Trampoline, in this article, we will discuss the features, tell you about what people are saying about it and show you where to buy it at a great price.

If, however, you have already decided to purchase this trampoline please click the link below:

Clevr 7ft Kids Trampoline

A picture of the Clevr 7ft Kids Trampoline.

If, however, you would like more information before you purchase, please read on.

Features of the Clevr 7ft Kids Trampoline.

Easy Installation.

You can put this trampoline together within hours but, if you have a problem, there is a customers service dept. that can easily be reached by e-mail.

Building Specifications.

This trampoline is has a heavy-duty steel frame and back which prevents the frame from tipping over. It also uses galvanized heavy-duty springs which gives you longer playtime. The powder-coated steel base will give you a more stable and durable platform.

Safety Details.

The Clevr 7ft trampoline is constructed with waterproof padding of thick foam to protect your children from injury if they fall while playing and jumping.

Extra Safety.

For the highest level of safety for your kids, there is padding around the poles and in also there is a high-quality PE net with a strong zipper which encloses the entire jumping area. The jumping mat has heavy-duty galvanized springs (36) attached to the frame. ( if you are on your own you may have difficulty installing the springs).

A photo of the Clevr 7ft Kids Tranpoline showing the springs and base.

More Information.

  1. 100 Lbs Weight Capacity
  2. Materials are made of Steel, PVC, Mesh, and Foam
  3. Trampoline Height: approx. 16.5″
  4. Diameter (Width): approx. 84
  5. Height of Net: approx. 63″
  6. Total Height 79″ (With Safety Net)
  7. You may notice that the colors may not exactly match the picture due to different monitor settings.
  8. I understand you can choose between base blue with green poles or base blue with orange poles.
  9. 118 Amazon Customers who sent in reviews gave the Clevr 7ft Kids Trampoline 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Customers Comments On the Clevr Trampoline That You May Find Interesting.

  • This is by far the best thing I have ever purchased for my kids.
  • Buy it your kids will love it.
  • So happy with our purchase it is in our basement on the carpet.
  • Nice trampoline for children. Springs covered with a nice blue cushioned liner.
  • Our 3- year- old daughter loves it. Perfect size and durable.
  • Absolutely perfect for my two kids. Weight limit says 100 but I weigh 180 and still go on with my kids!
  • Safe and close to the ground. Be careful if you have animals. My dog has started tearing the net-not a lot but has torn it all the same.
  • Great trampoline for the kiddos.
  • Have great customer service.
  • Great even for adults-but the springs are hard to install. To help you you can buy the following tool: Trampoline Spring Pull Tool
  • I give it only 4 stars because the instructions are not great, so it took me some time to figure out how to assemble the trampoline.
  • Great Gift, Great service.
  • Terrific Trampoline. Last few springs took some effort but I could not be happier. ( maybe it would be easier if 2 people installed the trampoline)
  • My dog loves it!!

Remember, the stakes for the ground are extra, you can buy them by clicking the link below:

Wind Stakes

An image showing a boy jumping on a trampoline.

Some Customers Questions and Their Answers.

Q: How big is the box it comes in?

A: The measurements of the box are 46x21x10.

Q. Can I put the trampoline in the yard?

A. Yes, I think its made for the outside although it would fit in a garage. But make sure it won’t blow away, so anchor it firmly. However, one customer said they set their trampoline indoors on their playroom carpet as it seems to rain every day in their neighborhood and it has worked well.

Q: Do the springs squeak a little bit or a lot?

A. Most said no, but one said a little bit.

Q. Is it easy to take down for the winter and store it?

A. The consensus is that once it is together it is not easy to take apart, the springs could be a problem. However, some people have said it is possible as it is easy to move completely without dismantling.

Q Is it waterproof.

A. Many customers comment on the fact that their trampoline has been rained on many times over the last few years and it’s still ok. Gets a bit dirty but that is natural.


All kids ( and bigger ones too!) love bouncing around to let all that energy out. This Clevr 7ft trampoline will give your children great fun, while at the same time helping to build up their coordination, balance. stamina and strength. And it is something the whole family can enjoy!

Remember, if you live in an area prone to high winds or storms I would suggest buying the Trampoline Wind Stakes.

Purchasing this trampoline will give you the confidence that you are providing your kids with a safe and sturdy product that they all can enjoy.

We enclose a couple of videos for your information which we hope you will enjoy.

We will finish our review of this product by giving you another opportunity to buy because we believe your kids will enjoy this trampoline. To buy please click the link below:

Clevr 7 ft Kids Trampoline

Juno My Baby Elephant

Published August 20, 2019 in Interactive Toys - 0 Comments

If you’re not careful Juno My Baby Elephant will take over your Xmas list this year. This is because Juno is the first interactive elephant that is smart and cute but is still young and has plenty to learn. If your child is 5 or over this will be a perfect gift. Kids will develop a special relationship with Juno and they will become best friends the moment they undo the box!

If you have already decided that you want to buy Juno please click the link below.

Juno My Baby Elephant

Young girl holding Juno the Baby Elephant

If you want to know more please read on.

Juno is a purple, robotic, baby elephant that will be a great friend to your little one. One of the reasons is that she has the cutest tuft of pink hair and can use her trunk not only to pick things up but to trumpet too. She is even learning to be a helicopter by swinging her trunk round and round.

A picture of Juno the Baby Elephant holding a peanut in her trunk.

Interactive toy

Juno is not just an ordinary toy she is an interactive one, It can kiss and cuddle you and you can teach it new tricks like the “helicopter” with its trunk and help it to pick up its food and toys.

Remember Juno the Baby Elephant loves peanuts and she has a special friend a little white mouse who she sings to occasionally (don’t worry she comes in the box).

When you first meet Juno you may think she is shy -indeed she will probably hide behind her ears- but the more interaction she gets the more confident she becomes.

Her personality develops by being held, touched and played with as your child encourages her to control the use of her trunk, to make sounds and move around, Indeed when she is calm and confident she will make funny sounds, giggle, and swing her trunk around.

If you try and feed Juno when she doesn’t need it she can get quite annoyed and fling her peanut across the room. But she can recognize her friend the mouse!

You can also use the peanut to teach her trumpeting with her trunk and dance. When she plays with her toy mouse they love to play games like peek-a-boo and build a tune.

What’s in the Box.

Included in the box are:

1 Juno My Baby Elephant.

1 Mouse.

I Peanut.

1 Wildluvs Zoo Postcard.

1 Juno Progress Report Card.

1 Juno Care Guide.

1 Instruction Booklet.

Juno My Baby Elephant is recommended for kids aged 5+.

Warning: Remember there are a number of small parts, so Juno is not suitable for children under 3.

To work Juno requires 4 AA Batteries which are NOT included, but you can buy them HERE.

Customers Comments

Amazing interactive toy for kids.

Amazing and entertaining baby elephant.

Grandbaby can’t put Juno down.

As you train and show Juno love and attention she learns and evolves.

The Verdict 0n Juno the Baby Elephant

If your child is 5 or over this will be a perfect gift. Kids will develop a special relationship with Juno and they will become best friends the moment you open the box. So make sure you get Juno the Baby Elephant so your child can live and train her. Watch her come alive with her floppy ears, amazing trunk, and lovely eyes not forgetting her wagging tail. As your child interacts with Juno the Baby Elephant her personality will grow from shy to playful and she will reveal more tricks and games. With more than 150 lifelike sounds and movements she sure is one smart baby elephant!!.

This interactive toy is bound to be a hit in 2019 particularly after the new Dumbo film is released. So get your copy of Juno the Baby Elephant by clicking the link below:

Juno the Baby Elephant

Juno the Baby Elephant playing on the floor with her friends.

To enable you to make a decision we are enclosing a couple of videos for your assistance. We hope you like them.

Candylocks Doll Review

Published August 12, 2019 in Candylocks - 0 Comments

This toy is going to be a big hit this season it could be the most wanted toy for girls in 2019. So a Candylock doll must be on your list for the little girl in your life. This new brand by Spin Master has been developed, designed and made to bring delight and joy to children everywhere.

A picture of a young girl holding a Candylock Doll

Features and accessories

This Candylock is called Lacey Lemonade and is seven inches tall. She has great long (12 inches) of soft hair that looks like cotton candy and smells like delicious lemonade.!! Her soft hair holds its shape and doesn’t come apart so you can easily work with it. Make what you want-twirly twists, buns. There is no end to what you can create!

With colorful hair chalk, you can not only put some color into Lacey’s hair but your own too!

Lacey Lemonade also comes with her sunglasses, hair extensions, and a lemon wedge purse. There is a possibility of completely changing her outfit by buying another Candylock Straw Mary Sugar Style Doll because the outfits are completely interchangeable, (sold separately).

Some customers comments

“Bigger size doll with amazingly soft and easy to style hair”

“Cutest doll ever”

“Very unique”

“This Candylock Doll is super cute and fun”

“Great first impression-very cute and unique”

“Sweet smelling and super fun”

“What makes this doll

impressive is how easy it is to style a variety of hairdos simply with your hands”

“Would highly recommend this Candylock

“The styling is so easy because the hair is super soft and manageable.”

“Very cute, my niece and her friends loved them”

“Coolest hair we have ever seen on a doll and smelt amazing”

Six customers out of six gave Lacey Lemonade a 5 out of 5- star rating.

There is a word of warning though because there are several small parts this doll is not suitable for children under 3.

A picture of a Candylock Doll with long hair.


This Candylock doll was received with such acclaim that the words “cute”, “fun” and “recommend” seemed to sum it up, We have no hesitation in saying that this doll could be one of the most sought after toys as we approach the Christmas season.

Why not buy Lucy Lemonade as a present for your daughter NOW and avoid the rush.

A Candylock doll with long hair.

We enclose a video that you may enjoy watching (although the product may not necessarily be exactly the same).

We would once again like to encourage you to place your order now by clicking the link below: