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Candylocks Doll Review

Published August 12, 2019 in Candylocks - 0 Comments

This toy is going to be a big hit this season it could be the most wanted toy for girls in 2019. So a Candylock doll must be on your list for the little girl in your life. This new brand by Spin Master has been developed, designed and made to bring delight and joy to children everywhere.

A picture of a young girl holding a Candylock Doll

Features and accessories

This Candylock is called Lacey Lemonade and is seven inches tall. She has great long (12 inches) of soft hair that looks like cotton candy and smells like delicious lemonade.!! Her soft hair holds its shape and doesn’t come apart so you can easily work with it. Make what you want-twirly twists, buns. There is no end to what you can create!

With colorful hair chalk, you can not only put some color into Lacey’s hair but your own too!

Lacey Lemonade also comes with her sunglasses, hair extensions, and a lemon wedge purse. There is a possibility of completely changing her outfit by buying another Candylock Straw Mary Sugar Style Doll because the outfits are completely interchangeable, (sold separately).

Some customers comments

“Bigger size doll with amazingly soft and easy to style hair”

“Cutest doll ever”

“Very unique”

“This Candylock Doll is super cute and fun”

“Great first impression-very cute and unique”

“Sweet smelling and super fun”

“What makes this doll

impressive is how easy it is to style a variety of hairdos simply with your hands”

“Would highly recommend this Candylock

“The styling is so easy because the hair is super soft and manageable.”

“Very cute, my niece and her friends loved them”

“Coolest hair we have ever seen on a doll and smelt amazing”

Six customers out of six gave Lacey Lemonade a 5 out of 5- star rating.

There is a word of warning though because there are several small parts this doll is not suitable for children under 3.

A picture of a Candylock Doll with long hair.


This Candylock doll was received with such acclaim that the words “cute”, “fun” and “recommend” seemed to sum it up, We have no hesitation in saying that this doll could be one of the most sought after toys as we approach the Christmas season.

Why not buy Lucy Lemonade as a present for your daughter NOW and avoid the rush.

A Candylock doll with long hair.

We enclose a video that you may enjoy watching (although the product may not necessarily be exactly the same).

We would once again like to encourage you to place your order now by clicking the link below: