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Hair Blinger

Published May 18, 2019 in Girls Accessories - 0 Comments

The Hair Blinger is set to be the next big fashion accessory that could be popular for years to come. It’s suitable for young girls around 12 and over but who knows it may reach much older ones because the Hair Blinger is not so much a toy as a proper hair-styling tool. You can “bling” your hair and many different surfaces and materials.

If you have already decided that you would like to purchase this product please click the link below.

The Hair Blinger

Definition of the word “bling”

Perhaps we could start by giving you a definition of the word “bling”  Wikipedia says it originally came from the term “bling bling” which was a slang term referring to flashy, ostentatious or elaborate jewelry or accessories, though that is strictly not true about the Hair Blinger it should produce something like the picture below.

young girl honding the Hair Blinger product.

It originally started in a small way with help funded by a Kickstarter campaign but soon it will be a big reality. Although it is mainly for use with your hair it will work on a number of things like clothes, shoes, or even as an accessory-if you felt like it you could “bling” your pet as well.!!

A picture of some sun-glasses, shoes and a bag all decorated with the Hair Blinger.

Use the New Hair Blinger and become the Star of the Prom.

TheNew Hair Blinger will add sparkle to your life because it comes already prepared with either:

14 pink 5mm rhinestones or

14 turquoise 4mm Swarovski crystals

There are additional disks of either:

4 disks of 60 clear 5 mm rhinestones


3 disks of 45 clear 4 mm Swarovski crystals

Refillpacks are available with a range of :

24 varieties of Swarovski crystals


39 varieties of rhinestones

Ayoung girl with "Bling" in your hair and on her bag.

However, at the time of writing, these details are now yet finalized so there may be more varieties and-or quantities later. I think many additional materials, colors, sizes, shapes may be added to the range.

The Hair Blinger is Safe and Easy to use.

The clever design of the disc enables it to put the crystals or rhinestones in your hair with a special adhesive ( like that used for hair extensions). It holds them firmly in place so that you can stay active but still sparkle.

You can use the Hair Blinger to bring “bling” to nearly everywhere you go. To the gym, dance floor, cheerleading, stage you name it I am pretty sure you can “bling” it.

You can keep the stones in your hair as long as you want. If you want to release them, then it’s easy just brush them out.

A girl wearing a hat with"bling" ie decorated hair.

How  to Use The Hair Blinger.

All you need to do is slide some of your hair into the Hair Blinger and squeeze-that’s it! the crystal is attached to your hair. The product has been designed so that it will add sparkle to your updo and all you have to do is press it directly on your updo and it will work straight away.

Reloading the Hair Blinger is not a problem. It takes only a minute to do and starter and refill packs are available as mentioned above.

Showing copies of the additional discs which you can buy with The Blinger.


Blinger” is the new styling tool that allows you to load, clink and bling to fashion almost anything! Its a stylist dream-create your own striking looks.

Remember it’s easy and safe to use and whatever you “bling” stays on all  day until you peel them off or comb them out.

With multiple colors to choose from it will be easy to glam it up, shine and sparkle

I think you will really enjoy “blinging” so get your Hair Blinger before it sells out-this is going to be a great hit with many young ones.

An image of the box containing The Blinger.


We enclose some videos that you may enjoy

I hope you enjoyed watching the videos and reading the review. If you wish to buy this product please click the link below.

Hair Blinger