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Juno My Baby Elephant

Published August 20, 2019 in Interactive Toys - 0 Comments

If you’re not careful Juno My Baby Elephant will take over your Xmas list this year. This is because Juno is the first interactive elephant that is smart and cute but is still young and has plenty to learn. If your child is 5 or over this will be a perfect gift. Kids will develop a special relationship with Juno and they will become best friends the moment they undo the box!

If you have already decided that you want to buy Juno please click the link below.

Juno My Baby Elephant

Young girl holding Juno the Baby Elephant

If you want to know more please read on.

Juno is a purple, robotic, baby elephant that will be a great friend to your little one. One of the reasons is that she has the cutest tuft of pink hair and can use her trunk not only to pick things up but to trumpet too. She is even learning to be a helicopter by swinging her trunk round and round.

A picture of Juno the Baby Elephant holding a peanut in her trunk.

Interactive toy

Juno is not just an ordinary toy she is an interactive one, It can kiss and cuddle you and you can teach it new tricks like the “helicopter” with its trunk and help it to pick up its food and toys.

Remember Juno the Baby Elephant loves peanuts and she has a special friend a little white mouse who she sings to occasionally (don’t worry she comes in the box).

When you first meet Juno you may think she is shy -indeed she will probably hide behind her ears- but the more interaction she gets the more confident she becomes.

Her personality develops by being held, touched and played with as your child encourages her to control the use of her trunk, to make sounds and move around, Indeed when she is calm and confident she will make funny sounds, giggle, and swing her trunk around.

If you try and feed Juno when she doesn’t need it she can get quite annoyed and fling her peanut across the room. But she can recognize her friend the mouse!

You can also use the peanut to teach her trumpeting with her trunk and dance. When she plays with her toy mouse they love to play games like peek-a-boo and build a tune.

What’s in the Box.

Included in the box are:

1 Juno My Baby Elephant.

1 Mouse.

I Peanut.

1 Wildluvs Zoo Postcard.

1 Juno Progress Report Card.

1 Juno Care Guide.

1 Instruction Booklet.

Juno My Baby Elephant is recommended for kids aged 5+.

Warning: Remember there are a number of small parts, so Juno is not suitable for children under 3.

To work Juno requires 4 AA Batteries which are NOT included, but you can buy them HERE.

Customers Comments

Amazing interactive toy for kids.

Amazing and entertaining baby elephant.

Grandbaby can’t put Juno down.

As you train and show Juno love and attention she learns and evolves.

The Verdict 0n Juno the Baby Elephant

If your child is 5 or over this will be a perfect gift. Kids will develop a special relationship with Juno and they will become best friends the moment you open the box. So make sure you get Juno the Baby Elephant so your child can live and train her. Watch her come alive with her floppy ears, amazing trunk, and lovely eyes not forgetting her wagging tail. As your child interacts with Juno the Baby Elephant her personality will grow from shy to playful and she will reveal more tricks and games. With more than 150 lifelike sounds and movements she sure is one smart baby elephant!!.

This interactive toy is bound to be a hit in 2019 particularly after the new Dumbo film is released. So get your copy of Juno the Baby Elephant by clicking the link below:

Juno the Baby Elephant

Juno the Baby Elephant playing on the floor with her friends.

To enable you to make a decision we are enclosing a couple of videos for your assistance. We hope you like them.