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Jurassic World Toys FLY56 Alpha Training Blue Dinosaur

Published November 19, 2018 in Dinosaur Toys - 0 Comments

If you are looking for something special this Christmas, particularly, for someone who loves dinosaurs you might want to consider the Jurassic World Toys FLY56 Alpha Training Blue.


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                   Jurassic World Toys FLY56 Alpha Training Blue.

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When I was young I fantasized about being a lion tamer, but, the world moves on and today, perhaps, the equivalent would be a dinosaur trainer. You can do this because with the Alpha Training Blue who is based on Velociraptor Blue from Jurassic World. You can train your own realistic, interactive dinosaur with a remote control, there are four different ways to achieve this.

Blue mimics movement and you will notice she will improve with training but to gain the most from your efforts you must make sure you pet her and give her treats regularly.


Review of the Jurassic World Toys FLY56 Alpha Training Blue.

As mentioned above there are 4 ways to train your dinosaur, these are:

  • Training Mode
  • Guard Mode
  • R.C. Mode
  • Total Control Mod

If you use the remote controller similar to Owen in the movie you can train Blue in a variety of ways.

Training Mode

This will show you how to control your dinosaur by using your movement based controller that will allow Blue to copy movements. As she improves you should feed her treats and move her where you command.

Guard Mode

This mode will allow you to put the Jurassic World ToysAlpha Training Blue in a set location where she can detect the movement of her prey and if they get within a foot of her sensors your controller will start vibrating and you can start issuing commands especially if they are intruders.


This mode enables you to control the Jurassic World Toys FLY56 Alpha Training Blue movements backward, forwards and sideways, just like a car.

Total Control Mode

Here you are able to control Blues movements from her mouth, head, and eye. In fact, this mode helps her come to life. You get a really interactive dinosaur that roars, chomps, moves, and blinks to your command and looks incredibly lifelike.


Things You Might Like to Know

Updates: to check for periodic updates turn Blue off. Then open her battery cover and connect her to your computer with the included micro USB cable. Go to and follow the on-screen prompts.

Height: The Jurassic World Alpha Traing Blue dinosaur is approximately 13-inches tall.

Will it work on carpets: Blue works on smooth, flat, indoor surfaces. She finds carpets uncomfortable and struggles to move well. Even concrete surfaces will often make her fall over as will sudden sharp turns.

Returns Policy: Mattel (the manufacturer) has a one-year limited manufacturer’s service policy on this type of toy.

Charge Time: The Jurassic World Toys FLY56 Alpha Training Blue dinosaur takes about 35 minutes to charge and will give you 50-90 minutes of playtime.

Batteries: You will need 2 Lithium-ion batteries ( although these are included in the box)

jurassic -world-toys-dinosaur

Recommended Age: 8 years and upward ( one person bought it for herself and she was 30 years old). You are never too old to be a dinosaur trainer!!.

Weight; 6 pounds

Just a small point-the dinosaur needs to be charged before you can play with it. So if you want to give it as a Christmas present it might be an idea to take it out the box the night before and charge it, so the child can play with it straight away.



This toy was inspired by the film Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom and captures all the thrills, excitement and imagination of the movie and kids will love the realistic interactive play. Yes, you can become a dinosaur trainer. But the Jurassic World Toys FLY56 Alpha Training Blue Dinosaur is an expensive toy and maybe many will not be able to afford it, but this is a well-made dinosaur. It has a detailed texture that really does imitate a life-like skin, although, of course, it is made of plastic but its movements help to give the impression of a breathing, living dinosaur. A number of motor and servos gives this power of movement so the Alpha Training Blue Amazon is not quiet but rather noisy.

Underneath her is a power switch and a speaker where the roars come from together with other sound effects and over time Blue will certainly get more obedient and friendly but be patient.

Any complaints-yes a few. The price would be one of them and, of course, while rechargeable batteries are good you will need a screwdriver to open a small sealed door every time you need to plug in.

One person who bought Jurassic World Toys FLY56 Alpha Training Blue dinosaur complained that the charging wire which connects the mini USB port under her tail panel to your computer was very short and may cause a problem when you try to plug in. Another said you definitely need to read the instructions before you turn it on because you have to sync the dinosaur and the remote control and this can be a bit tricky.

Overall, though, if you have always dreamed of having a velociraptor as a friend and training him. This might be the best way of doing it and much safer as well!!.


We enclose a few videos that you may find entertaining:

Remember this toy, although, expensive is predicted to be one of the best Christmas sellers So get you dinosaur now by clicking on the link below.

                    Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Alpha Traing Blue Toy  

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