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Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs

Published November 15, 2018 in Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys - 0 Comments

Welcome to this weeks post. We will be looking at what we think will be a very popular Christmas toy which is the Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs not only are they cute toys but they are one that your child can play with for ages.

We will look are their features and delve into their characteristics a bit deeper and also point you in the right direction so that you can buy this toy at a good price, because as we have already said we believe it is going to be a hit this Christmas.

If you are in a hurry and want to buy straight away please click the name below.

                                   Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs


If you want to read a fuller review please read on. Full of all, let us look at its features.


  • Who do you want to rescue: a kitten, a bunny or a pink puppy? Well, you won’t know until you open the box.
  • Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs are like real pets. They love to be washed and groomed, in fact, the more time you spend caring for them the lovelier they become.
  • When you open the box you will find a very sad looking bundle and it is your responsibility to give them a good bath and brush them well. Only then will you know what pet you have.
  • Yes, this “abandoned” and “unloved” pet needs your help!!
  • By adopting your new friend you will be helping Scruff-A-Luvs toys to donate to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • You should receive 1 Scuff-A-Luv (pink), a collar with a name tag and an adoption certificate.
  • Recommended age 5-15 but adult supervision is advised for the washing and drying process especially for the younger members of the family.

Review of the Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs

Everyone loves a cute abandoned animal especially a puppy, kitten or rabbit who just wants to be cared for. Yes, you have a choice of a blue or pink Scruff-A-Luv but you will not know which animal until you open the box, When you do you will find a very sad pet indeed, with its fur all clogged up, just dying for attention.


Once you bathed, dried, and brushed them they become more identifiable and you will find what they are really like.

Yes, just like a real pet they will want to be washed and groomed, in fact, the more you do this the cuter they become.


Give your Scruff-A-Luv a nice bath to wash out his matted hair. To do this use a large bowl of water, perhaps in the sink, then rinse him off, at least once, to make sure he is really clean. He would prefer that you use soap that is child-friendly or, maybe, a body wash.

little-live-scruff-a-luvBe sure to squeeze all the water out. Your Scruff-A-Luv can be machine washed but please do not tumble dry. Then keep him warm and dry, maybe, with a large towel followed by using a hair dryer (medium heat) -yes just like a real pet salon! Remember, throughout the drying process keep brushing and give him a shake now and then to fluff up his fur.


Customer Opinion

Comments by people who have already bought a Scruff-A-Luv:

This is absolutely amazing! Give it a good bath with soap and rinse it well. Then blow dry it with a hair dryer-not too hot-and give it a good brush afterward. It is like a real pet!”

Some people mentioned that they used shampoo and conditioner and while the conditioner was still on they brushed it out. Maybe you could trim the eyes so that you can fully see them and their nose.

Remember your Little Live Scruff-A-Luv comes with a brush, collar and hair clip.

The collar should be easy enough for a child to use but the hair clip may need an adult to open. You even get an adoption certificate to complete.

We love this toy. Giving it a bath and grooming it, then discovering whether you have a kitten, bunny or rabbit is part of the fun”

As with all things, there are some negative comments. One said it was really scruffy and no matter what they did it ended up worse. Another said the fur came out all over their child’s hands. There was one comment that their animal turned out limp and lifeless and no matter what they did it still looked horrible and that the concept was fun but the toy looked like a flat mess.


We think that this toy should be on everyone’s Christmas list. If your child loves animals and pets and wants their own make-believe one that they can wash and dry and look after then this would make the perfect present. The surprise is that they won’t know whether its a puppy, bunny or kitten until they open the box and even then it, is not always possible to know the identity of your Little Live Scruff-A-Luv

until it is washed and dried. You “rescue” and take care and love whatever it turns out to be.

Although you will want to wash your Scruff-A-Luv diligently it would, perhaps, be better if you did not do it in the bath. The toy can be a bit slimy and icky the first time you use it and if you used it in the bath regularly it may turn moldy. Remember, underneath it is like any stuffed, plush toy.

You might want to know the size of a Scruff-A-Luv – well it is roughly 9-inches (21-cm) tall but, remember that this is in the seated position as it does not stand up unaided-it is quite floppy.

Just a small point, it says on the Amazon page for this toy that it needs 3 LR44 batteries- this is an error it does not need batteries at all.

Remember the motto:

Find us scruffy”

Make us fluffy”


We enclose a few videos that you may find interesting.


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