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Review of the Paw Patrol Dino Patroller

Published October 18, 2020 in Dinosaur Toys - 0 Comments

The Paw Patrol Dino Patroller jumps straight from the animated children’s show right into playtime fun for kids. This motorized all-terrain toy will bring adventures to life. With its oversized wheels, it can easily move across the carpet and any other type of flooring.

It is also strong enough to be used for outdoor use. in addition, the toy has a lot of space so that it can hold all the pups that are in the show (except these are sold separately. The Dino Patroller has a projectile launcher and two projectiles that are included so the children kids can straight into rescue mode.

Chase, in his Dino Rescue uniform is also included in the purchase and he looks just like the one in the show, he also fits easily into the Patroller. You will also like the T-Rex figure.

Additional vehicles can be placed in the back of the vehicle and operating the toy is simple for little kids, in other words, just push a button and the Dino Patroller will move.

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3 Main Details Of The Dino Patroller.

First-Ever Motorized Paw Patrol Team Vehicle.

With a push of a button see it go. It has room for six pups and an area in the back for a T. Rex dino (included) together with a projectile launcher and oversized wheels.

When the dino calls for help, push the button and watch the Paw Patrol Team Vehicle roll to the rescue and launch the rescue nets.

Will Overcome Any Ground Conditions.

With the help of the Dino Patrollers vehicle oversized wheels, ground conditions are no problem. For instance, reach the dino in trouble in no time because the large treads will give you added grip so you can tackle any ground.

High Class Figures

Create your own rescue missions with the exclusive Chase figure who is wearing his Dino Rescue Uniform, together with the large scale T-Rex whose toy mouth and tail really move. Just move his tail and it makes his mouth open.

The Paw Patrol Dino Rescue Dino Patrol vehicle will make a great present for children aged three and over.

However. remember this toy has small parts so it is not suitable for those children under 3.

Get your Paw Patrol Dino Patroller from


Your purchase will include:

1 Dino Patroller

One Chase figure

A Dinosaur Figure

2 Projectiles

1 Instruction Guide

To activate the Patroller you will need 6 AA Duracell Batteries ,which are included

Comments By Some Customers

Birthday gift for my son. He loves it.

Awesome little toy. My 4 year old loves it.

Was a present for my 3 year old nephew-he loved it!

Big loud hit with little boys.

Although nearly 80% of the customers that sent reviews gave it 5 stars as with all manufactured goods remember there are always a few negative complaints.

Some said the product was too noisy and was a heavy toy for a four-year-old and there were a few comments about the quality of the nets and the launcher.


Anyone that likes Paw Patrol would love to have this as a present. So explode into action with the Paw Patrol Dino Patroller by rescuing those dinosaurs yelping for help. but before you leave don’t forget to put Chase and another pup ( buy here) and load a Dino Rescue Deluxe Vehicle (Amazon) in the back bay. Remember to load the projectiles into the lancer and you are all ready for a new adventure.

We enclose a few videos that we hope you will enjoy watching.

Last chance to purchase the Paw Patrol Dino Patroller from:


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